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From Dan Strauss
February 2019

Dear Friend,

Right now you're less than 39 minutes away from sales copy success . . .

But you also have a choice...

Spend weeks, months or even years struggling with e-books and manuals trying to master the art of writing profit pulling sales letters - OR spend the next 38 minutes and 35 seconds listening to some powerful, proven strategies that can catapult your online earnings like never before.

It's not a tough choice is it :)

So rather than take up page after page telling you why you need this course let's just cut right to the chase and get right into exactly what you'll learn:

  Over a decade of tracking, testing and experience at your disposal. Since I started in online marketing, I've written, tested, critiqued and torn to pieces many hundreds if not thousands of sales letters out there. My experience is now yours.

  A proven track record that has seen visitor to sales ratios rise by over twenty five times since the beginning of my online marketing career. You could test and track all of this yourself if you like, but of course, that takes time. But why expend all that effort when I've done most of the work for you?

  Step by step sales letter creation. I'm not just going to give you a bunch of examples here and say 'copy this and your stuff will sell'. Instead, I'm going to define a set of rules for you that will take you right from the very first word, to the last letter. No need to flail blindly in the dark anymore. I take you through each step and by the end of the course you'll understand FULLY how to write your own power-packed, proven to sell sales letters.

  These techniques works for everything. You know, I started out developing these methods before I even started in online marketing.  You don't have to be selling a 'how to make money' product to take advantage of this. In fact, if you're not selling such a product, you'll soon be giggling at the competition who have poor sales processes, or even no sales letter at all, which is extremely apparent outside of the make money niche. This is your chance to get ahead before they realize what's going on.

  Learn how to snap your readers out of their daily grind with attention grabbing headlines then slowly ease them into your sales letter with a hypnotic introduction, flowing right into the sale of your product. We cover proven sales letter techniques from start to finish. No special skills required.

  Writers block solved in a split second. Never again be stuck for something to write, or have trouble getting started on what is the most important piece of your business. One simple method that allows words to flow right onto the page will save you from any more frustrating blanks that come with standard copywriting territory.

  How to give your headlines meaning.  Any part of your marketing material is useless unless it really means something to the reader or listener. Learn not only how to create meaning in your marketing material, but how to have your audience immediately visualize what you're saying, drastically reducing the chances of them leaving or being distracted. (Responsible for doubling the sales of my last product)

  2 ways to grab the attention of your audience that will not only have them sticking around for longer, but wanting even more (This amazingly even applies to sales material).

  3 methods of cementing yourself in your prospects mind, so much so that not only will they be far more likely to buy from you multiple times, but they'll spread your brand for you even if they decide not to buy.

  The downfalls of the newbie sales material writer. Learn what others are doing wrong so that you can do it right.  Are your sales being effected by these as you read this? I'll bet at least one of these negative points is present in your material right now. We need to remove it, because you're losing sales.

  Five elements of all successful sales letters. If you find any sales letter with a decent visitors to sales ratio written by a professional copywriter, you'll see they have all of these elements in common. The kicker is you don't need to spend $2000 per letter (sometimes even more) to create sales material every time you launch a product. We'll show you how instead, right now.

  Touch your readers and they will pay you for it. This course is packed with means and methods to touch your readers, not in a corny way, or an unethical way, but several triggers that you can use to create a strong bond with your audience are waiting to be taken advantage of. If you won't, the profit will go in your competitions pocket instead. It's your choice entirely.

  3 ways to seal the deal. You know, it's the first rule of sales in real world business, but I rarely see marketers taking advantage of it online. This one aspect alone could double your sales.

Introducing . . . 'Million Dollar Copy Secrets' the audio course you can download instantly and start putting into practice in less than an hour . . .


Everything you're about to hear in this special audio course is tried and tested material.

This will apply to your business not just once, but for many years to come.

It's an investment not just for today, but far into the future.

The techniques will work for you and your business - even if you've never written a sales letter before . . .


It'll take just 40 minutes of you time, and you'll come out the other end of this knowing how to write high response sales letters again and again.  All you have to do is follow a simple formula.

And You Can Order In Total Confidence With Our 100% Guarantee:

Order today in total confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.  We offer an uncompromising "total satisfaction" guarantee.  Giving You 100% Peace Of Mind!

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To Your Success

Dan Strauss, Site Owner


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