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People keep asking me: Who is the Rich Jerk?

When I started out, I said I would not reveal his identity but, well, things have changed. His identity was leaked on other websites and now I feel able to give a straight answer to the question: the Rich Jerk is Kelly Felix.

Kelly is the brains behind He has also been involved in many other successful websites; several of which he has sold for large profits. Naturally, he is most famous (or perhaps infamous) for his Internet Marketing book The Rich Jerk.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about his book is the simplicity of his tactics. It's not rocket science - just plain common sense & quite a bit of flair for the subject.

Here's what he actually did to get mind-bogglingly rich...

He wrote a book on Internet Marketing & that book became a best-seller. I know it's obvious, but that's what he actually did. So the questions I then became interested in were these: How come his book became a best-seller? What were his tactics? And why did people actually buy his book?

Well, I found out the answer and this book in The Guru's Apprentice series blows the lid off the techniques used by the Rich Jerk. It shows you exactly what you need to do to make the breakthrough and start making big money online!

In this book, I disclose how the Rich Jerk himself is using advanced subliminal techniques to market his products and how you can do the same!

Just like the Rich Jerk, the Apprentice is not here to bore you with endless fluff about Internet Marketing - regurgitating stuff you could pick-up for free anywhere on the web. We get straight down and into the good stuff! If you want to learn how the Rich Jerk managed to take the internet by storm and how you can legally copy his tactics, you need this book.

Make no mistake about it, The Rich Jerk has made a fortune using the exact principles you can discover within the next few minutes.

When you have digested the insiders secrets in this book, you will know how to use the exact methods employed by the Rich Jerk himself.

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For someone like me - who has all sorts of groovy ideas, but very little internet marketing experience - this report is invaluable! I definitely feel I can recommend this guide to others.

Thanks for helping me look outside the box!"

Christina Spence
Author of: "The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning"


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Haakon Rian Ueland
Webdesigner & IM

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