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Thursday, February 28th 2019
From: The Desk of Dan Strauss

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Youalready know that the graphical elements on your website are what get your readers' attention first and draw them to your text.

It's a well-known fact that the use of professional and attractive graphical elements on websites increase the proportion of user generated activity such as sales, newsletter subscription, and the amount of time spent on a particular site. Having appealing graphics on your sales page can make the difference between 100 sales a month and 3 sales a month...

By using professional graphical elements on your website you increase the trust and credibility your visitors have in you and in your product.

Because your site looks then more professional you convert more readers into buyers, and more visitors into subscribers. You convert more. You sell more. You increase the number of your subscribers. You earn more money.

Recent studies have proven the fact that most people considering the purchase of a digital product visit the particular page of the item four times before making their actual purchase. In this case, the graphical elements of your website is a vital factor in helping them make a decision. A great visual experience will help convince the most skeptical of buyers to give your product a try.

Moreover, your visitors scan through your sales page; they don't read it from start to end. That's also why you need professional marketing graphics in order to grab the attention of your visitors who are perpetually in a hurry, and draw them to the most important parts of your sales page.

Expensive/Cost-Effective... Time Consuming/Ready-To-Use... Amateur/Professional... Ugly/Stunning... Inefficient/Efficient... Which Solution Will You Choose ?

  1. You once tried to create your own web elements but failed because you lack design skills...
  2. You once hired a web designer to make the web elements you needed for your website but ended-up paying them $15 each...
  3. You once tried to make yourself graphical elements but they're still sleeping somewhere on your hard drive, half done, because you don't have time to do the work...
  4. You once bought a web graphical package but wasn't satisfied with its quality... You know having bad graphics is worse than having no graphics at all, so you decided not to use them.

If You're In One Of The Previous Situation,
 The Marketing Graphics Pro Package Is Definitely For You ! 

2,112 Professionally-Crafted Web Elements For Your Immediate Benefit...

With The Marketing Graphics Pro package :

  1. Your Website Will Convert Like Never Before, because your visitors will trust you instantly! Each element has been created by a marketing graphics designer and is optimized to get people take action.
  2. You Save Time and Headaches finding the perfect elements or painfully trying to create them yourself. That's definitely not your job, making website graphics! The elements are already created for you, and are ready to plug into your webpages.
  3. You Save Thousands of Dollars, because you don't have to hire a web designer to make your web elements! You can then spend your hard-earned money to buy more AdWords ads and software for your business, spend it on friends and family, or simply save it for future use.
  4. You Don't Need To Buy a License Each Time You Create a New Website. The Marketing Graphics Pro package comes with a "No Restriction License", meaning you can use each element on as many sites as you want.
  5. You Don't Need to Buy Any Expensive Graphics Software such as Photoshop. Each element is provided as GIF format for immediate use in your pages.
  6. You Can Use The Graphics On Any Background Color, not only white, each element being also provided in Transparent PNG format! (The total graphic count is 2,112 GIF elements plus 2,112 PNG elements!!!) You're also provided with the JavaScript code to display transparent PNG images correctly in Internet Explorer (that's just one line of code to copy and paste in your page).
  7. With the 420 JPG, GIF and PNG Blank Elements Which Are Also Included, You're Able To Add Your Own Text With Any Graphics Software like Microsoft Paint or the free Gimp; no need to buy any expensive graphics software like Photoshop.

"The Marketing Graphics Pro Package
Boosts Your Conversions, Increases Your Sales,
And Helps Your Visitors Make A Purchase Decision... Instantly!

The Marketing Graphics Pro package includes
a truck load of professionally designed attention-grabbing images ready to plug into all your web pages.

2,112 GIF Elements.
2,112 Transparent PNG Elements.
420 Blank Elements (elements without text): 140 in GIF format, 140 in PNG format and 140 in JPG format to add your own text with any graphics software.
Free Bonus: 2,105 Web Elements & Icons.


Here's Exactly What Is Included In Your Package...
1 200 Badges. 10 colors. 2 sizes. 10 labels: 100% Free, Act Now, Best Price, Free Course, Free Gift, Free Report, New Edition, New Version, Private Label Rights Included, Resale Rights Included.
Value $127 sample
2 840 Bullets and Check Marks to instantly draw your visitors attention to the most important points of your sales letter. 6 sizes. 24 colors. With and without shadow.
Value $195 sample
3 216 Numbers. Numbers from 1 to 9. 6 Colors. 2 sizes. With and without reflection.
Value $129 sample
4 324 Buttons to make your prospects take action. 10 colors. With large hand cursor, small hand cursor, large arrow cursor, small arrow cursor, colored large arrow cursor, and no cursor. 9 Labels: Act Now, Buy Now, Download Now, Join Now, Order Now, Register Now, Sign Up Now, Start Now, Subscribe Now.
Value $390 sample
5 780 Letters to use as initial caps (or any other use !) Letters from A to Z. 5 colors. 3 sizes. Serif & sans serif fonts.
Value $177 sample
6 168 Quotation Marks. 14 colors. 3 sizes. Serif & sans serif fonts.
Value $75 sample
7 80 Price Stickers. 9 colors. Price and monthly payment. With and without shadow. With and without reflection.
Value $110 sample
8 80 Attention-Grabbing Large Headings For Special Offers, Special Deals and One Time Offers. 4 colors. 2 sizes. With and without reflection. 7 different texts: Alert One Time Offer, Alert Unique Opportunity, Stop One Time Offer, Stop Unique Opportunity, Stop Special Offer, Huge Saving, Mega Discount.
Value $135 sample
9 2,112 Elements in GIF Format (See 1 to 8 above) AND the same 2,112 Elements in Transparent PNG Format ! In this way you can use all elements on any background color, not only white ! They will integrate seamlessly.
Value $480 exemple
10 420 Blank Files (Without Text) So You Can Add Your Own Text With Any Graphics Software, like Gimp of Paint. 140 GIF, 140 Transparent PNG, 140 JPG.
Value $275 sample (reduced size)

But That's Not All You Get !

When you order today you also get 4 amazing free bonuses worth $210...

Free Bonus 1 Value $29120 Arrows in GIF Format + 120 in Transparent PNG Format. 20 colors. 3 sizes. With and without shadow.
Free Bonus 2 Value $5530 Badges in GIF Format + 30 in Transparent PNG Format + 30 Blank in GIF, JPG and PNG Formats that read "30 Day Money Back Guaranteed", "60 Day...", "90 Day...". 10 colors.
Free Bonus 3 Value $4736 Buttons in GIF Format + 36 in Transparent PNG Format + 48 Blank in GIF, JPG and PNG Formats.
4 colors. 9 Labels: Act Now, Buy Now, Download Now, Join Now, Order Now, Register Now, Sign Up Now, Start Now, Subscribe Now.
Free Bonus 4 Value $79331 Icons in Transparent PNG Format To Use in Software/Script Interface, Blogs, Websites. 5 sizes: 22x22, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128 pixels (1,655 files).

Total Number of Files :
2,112 (GIF's) + 2,112 (PNG's) + 420 (Blank Files) + 2,105 (Bonuses) = 6,749!!!

Value of the Package :
Value of the 2,112 GIF Files: $1,338 (including design)
Value of the 2,112 PNG Files: $480 (excluding design)
Value of the Blank GIF, PNG and JPG files: $275
Value of The Bonuses: $210
Total Value of The Package: $2,303

If You Were To Have This Value-Packed Package Created For You
By A Professional Graphic Designer, It Would Cost You Over $2,300 !

Now I'm not going to charge you $2,300, nor $500, not even $200...
Because I want as many people as possible take the opportunity to sell more
with their website, the Marketing Graphics Pro package is priced at
Only $37 $17!

With The Marketing Graphics Pro Package, You'll Get Instantly Your Visitors Trust and Attention. You'll Make Them Take Action. You'll Make More Sales and More Leads. So There's No Reason To Delay Your Decision. Take The Opportunity RIGHT NOW !

Yes, I Want To Instantly Increase My Conversions, Boost My Sales, And Get More Opt-Ins !



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P.S. : Don't forget that using professional graphics in your website will enhance trust and confidence your visitors have in you and in your product. This will help increase your repeat visits, sign-ups, conversions and sales. Do yourself a favor : Invest in the Marketing Graphics Pro package right now, and start making more money !

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