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What would you do to get your hands on "secret" information smart marketers are riding all the way to the bank?

Internet entrepreneurs who are on the look out for the "next great opportunity" have found their target. A new "tech" trend that's guaranteed to make smart marketers a ton of cash has been spotted.

It's called Podcasting and it's similar to radio station broadcasts. (Except that anyone can do it with little more than a microphone). Podcasting is bursting onto the scene - just look at the stats!

In September 2005, Google had less than 25 hits for "Podcasting." Just a few years later and Google is now producing more than 61 million hits! The market's booming!

Expert marketers are jumping on this opportunity. Now you can:

  • Create best-selling information products without writing one word
  • Stake your claim in residual profits with monthly "podcasts" that ensure members put cash in your pocket 12 times a year
  • Conquer an untapped market before the masses hop on board
And unlike past "technology advances," podcasting is very simple for even the beginner computer user. In fact, there's...
  • No hard-to-understand "techie" hardware or software to buy
  • No special license or training to fight for (like regular radio broadcasts require).
  • Little to no money needed to get started

  • A very small learning curve (you'll be up and running in no time)

Podcasting is like making a radio broadcast to the world...

Except you only have to record your voice once (at any time you want) and let listeners find your podcast on the web to listen to (at any time they want)!

Leading Edge Marketers, Podcasting, And Residual Profits On The Web!

Are people truly willing to pay for podcasts? Pioneering marketers know the answer. (And even how MUCH people are willing to pay!)

Profitable podcasts can be created from anything a customer is dying to listen to. Music, informative lectures, how-to information, self-help materials, audio-books and more!

Inside my guide, I'll share with you 4 direct and 5 indirect revenue streams that smart marketers are currently exploring to take the podcast industry by storm!

Produce Podcasts Like A Pro (Even If You've Never Done Anything "Techie" In Your Life!)

If you can play "Hearts" or "Solitaire" on your computer, you can record your own podcast...

Inside my tell-all guide, I'll show you where smart marketers are getting their podcasting software for free. And chances are you won't have to buy any extra equipment (other than maybe a cheap microphone).

Once you're set up and ready to go, all you have to do is record your voice to start producing your own podcasts. I'll show you how to put your podcast online (and market it) to start profiting ASAP.

The Secrets Of Profiting From Podcasts Revealed Inside!

Inside my tell-all guide, I spill the beans on how the smart marketers plan to begin profiting from podcasting immediately. You'll learn...

  • How podcasting allows you to produce your own syndicated "radio show!"
  • Why podcasting is the fastest-growing media format in Eons!
  • Why you don't need an iPod (any computer will do just fine) to distribute or receive podcasts!
  • Why competing with bigger brands and companies has never been easier.
  • The average price that industry experts discovered online users are willing to hand over for every 4 minutes of duration.
  • 4 examples of direct revenue (product based) streams to model your business after.
  • 5 examples of indirect revenue (advertising based) streams to model your business on.
  • 7 ways to use podcasts when you're not trying to make money.
  • Everything you need to know about essential Podcast software (you can download for free - find out how)
  • 3 simple steps to listening to podcasts from around the web right now.
  • 4 simple steps to recording your show.
  • 3 simple steps to "broadcasting" your podcast.
  • 8 ways to market your podcasts to millions of potential customers.

And believe me, that's not all...

You Don't Have To Be A Recording Artist
Or Computer Expert To Produce
Your Own Podcast!

"Podcasting Made Easy" is ready for you right now (by instant download). Finally...

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Best Wishes,

Dan Strauss,

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